Growing and Caring for Orchids

growing orchids

The better way to grow orchids is also simple when you know how.

One of the best ways to get great orchid bulbs or just ready to use flowers is to get in touch with a grower in your community. They will likely have better prices and better information on these wonderful flowers than will your local home improvement store or even gardening center, but how do you find an orchid grower in your community? There are a couple of good ways to locate a local orchid grower.

One option just simply goes with the times. The Internet is a great way to find a grower in your community. Log on to your computer, go to your favorite search site, and look for “orchid grower” along with the name of your community. You should be able to find someone, but if not there are certainly other options.

Another option is to check out community boards in your local home stores and garden centers. Often growers will post their information on these boards in hopes of not just getting business, but also in hopes of finding other people who love orchids. Either way, you are still getting in touch with a wealth of information on orchids that can help you.

Finally, if all else fails, you can get in touch with an orchid grower that is not in your community. Bulbs actually ship well and you can get a great deal of information through the phone and email. You will be able to build a relationship and possibly save yourself some money along the way.

If you want to plant orchids or simply learn more about them, an orchid grower is a much more personal and often more affordable way of going about that. They can provide you with bulbs, information, and even a camaraderie that you will likely not find in your local home store or gardening center.

Like all delicate flower orchids should be looked after with extreme care. The best place to place them is in a non-draughty window box or sill where they should get sunlight through the morning and into the afternoon. Note they should not be placed in direct line of the sun. Orchids like high moisture in the air. You can find wonderful orchids naturally growing on Thailand. Visit and book a trip to enjoy even more orchids.

Orchids should be re-potted every two years. The soil should be moist and able to retain this moisture. Water your orchids at least once per week, more in warmer weather and especially if you notice that the plant is drying out. This is common sense, really.

Finding an orchid grower is one of the smarter ways to learn about this great little plant. Why not learn from someone who has been there and done it.

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