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Reasons Why You Should Fertilize Your Plants

If you are not fertilizing your plants, they are likely not to grow as well as you would like. Besides water and sunlight, plants need certain nutrients to flourish. So if you aren’t replenishing their supply occasionally, they may experience health issues. Benefits of Fertilizing Plants Just like humans, plants need certain essential nutrients to […]

Growing Strawberries in Grow Bags

growing strawberries

If you are looking at growing strawberries in grow bags, you probably have fond memories of eating fresh strawberries from your formative years. Nothing was more satisfying than plucking them and eating them straight from the plant. But things have changed over the years and strawberries are not easily accessible. Did you know you can […]

How to Build an Insect Hotel

Insects rank very low on the animal kingdom hierarchy. Presently, almost innumerable species of insects are either highly endangered or staring at extinction. However, that nearly countless insects are facing extinction have attracted the attention of entomologists and environmentalists only of late. Nowadays, many individuals are building insect hotels in their backyard for doing their […]