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Reasons Why You Should Fertilize Your Plants

If you are not fertilizing your plants, they are likely not to grow as well as you would like. Besides water and sunlight, plants need certain nutrients to flourish. So if you aren’t replenishing their supply occasionally, they may experience health issues. Benefits of Fertilizing Plants Just like humans, plants need certain essential nutrients to […]

Making the Most of Your Garden During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world is at the forefront of everybody’s mind, particularly regarding what will happen in the days to come. The epidemic is compelling everyone to stay indoors, which leaves you with ample time to pursue a hobby. So, if you’re an avid gardener, you can make the most of the pleasant […]

Top 5 Tips for Growing Cabbage

white cabbage

Cabbage is one of the most appetizing and nutritious vegetables you can grow in your garden. However, you might experience some difficulty in cultivating cabbage, especially if you have never grown this cruciferous vegetable in the past. Since cabbage thrives best in cool weather, time your farming appropriately so that you can harvest your crop […]

Growing Strawberries in Grow Bags

growing strawberries

If you are looking at growing strawberries in grow bags, you probably have fond memories of eating fresh strawberries from your formative years. Nothing was more satisfying than plucking them and eating them straight from the plant. But things have changed over the years and strawberries are not easily accessible. Did you know you can […]

The Five Easiest Veggies You Can Grow in Your Garden

Growing vegetables in your backyard or terrace gives you ready access to fresh and nutritious natural produce. More importantly, a home garden brings substantial cost savings while helping you eat sustainable, local food. As a beginner, you’ll find some vegetables are easier to grow than others. In this post, we take a look at five […]

Vegetables to Plant in September

vegetables in september

September is a watershed month that heralds the change from summer to winter. During this time, veggie gardens are perfect for the planting season in the South while those in the North start preparing for the onslaught of winter. While some herbs and veggies grow well both in spring and fall, most, however, are climate […]

How to Grow Popcorn

pop corn

European explorers first learned about popcorn from Native Americans, but there is evidence that popcorn was actually around long before that. Fossil corn pollen has been found in Mexico City dating back 80,000 years! Whatever its origins and however long it has been around, popcorn is definitely one of the most popular snack foods in […]

Starting a Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden

It can be an immensely satisfying experience to eat vegetables grown in your very own garden. Gardening is becoming more and more popular, and with the great interest today in organic foods, many people are wondering how they too can get in on the act of growing their own vegetables at home. Starting a vegetable […]