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Top 5 Indoor Plants

Of all the things that can make your home more liveable and comfortable, indoor plants are an excellent option. Growing plants in the veranda of your home or close to the main entrance have numerous benefits. Indoor plants can promote air circulation by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen whilst adding to your home’s decor. […]

Spring Gardening in North America

Crocus flowers

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, now’s a great time to enjoy your own gardening space big or small. With the beautiful warm weather upon us, it’s a perfect idea to get out into your spring garden and find some peace and tranquility. Plan a garden project and enjoy the time away from the usual commitments […]

Making the Most of Your Garden During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world is at the forefront of everybody’s mind, particularly regarding what will happen in the days to come. The epidemic is compelling everyone to stay indoors, which leaves you with ample time to pursue a hobby. So, if you’re an avid gardener, you can make the most of the pleasant […]

Teaching Kids How to Garden

child gardening

Horticulture or gardening tends to be an immensely engaging and fulfilling outdoor activity that both grownups and kids can indulge in. In fact, adults who spend their leisure time by cultivating variety of plants in their gardens can encourage children to take up gardening as a hobby. When children learn gardening and pursue the activity […]

Top 5 Tips for Growing Cabbage

white cabbage

Cabbage is one of the most appetizing and nutritious vegetables you can grow in your garden. However, you might experience some difficulty in cultivating cabbage, especially if you have never grown this cruciferous vegetable in the past. Since cabbage thrives best in cool weather, time your farming appropriately so that you can harvest your crop […]

6 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners

6 essential gardening tools

6 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners Gardening is an exciting and rewarding activity. Some people do it as a source of income and others as a hobby. In both cases, you need to have the right tools. If you are a beginner in gardening, you need to have the best tools to ensure successful gardening. […]

Growing Strawberries in Grow Bags

growing strawberries

If you are looking at growing strawberries in grow bags, you probably have fond memories of eating fresh strawberries from your formative years. Nothing was more satisfying than plucking them and eating them straight from the plant. But things have changed over the years and strawberries are not easily accessible. Did you know you can […]

Using The Right Hand Gardening Tools

garden tools

When you are starting your beginning stages of the planning process for your garden, you want to make sure that you have on stock the right kind of hand gardening tools. No matter what type of garden you are planting and no matter how big or small it is going to be, it is vitally […]