Top 5 Indoor Plants

Of all the things that can make your home more liveable and comfortable, indoor plants are an excellent option. Growing plants in the veranda of your home or close to the main entrance have numerous benefits. Indoor plants can promote air circulation by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen whilst adding to your home’s decor.

Here are top five indoor plants that can flourish inside your home provided you take proper care.

Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Also referred to as pothos or golden pothos, this is a vine that grow fast, amenable to placing anywhere around your house. Devil’s Ivy tends to be a very low-maintenance plant with a captivating appearance. You can grow different cultivars or strains of the Devil’s Ivy including Marble Queen, Tricolour, and Neon.

The plants are extremely resistant to drought, so you only need to water them once a week in summer and every alternate week in winter.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Spathiphyllum, which is commonly referred to as Peace Lily, can be easily identified by its striking white flowers and glossy dark green leaves. Growing up to a height of 1.47-2.65 feet, this tropical plant requires bright (but not direct sunlight) light for blooming healthily. You should water the Peace Lily once a week in summer months and less frequently in winter.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants have a bushy and spidery appearance that can greatly accentuate your living room’s decor. This houseplant can do well with nominal care and maintenance but see to it that you keep the plant away from direct sunrays.

However, the Spider Plant needs bright and clear light to thrive, so you can put the plant inside your living room or patio. The spider plant is a natural air purifier, effectively eliminating xylene and formaldehyde from the surroundings.

Zanzibar Gem

If you are an extremely busy person, constantly on the move, then go for the Zanzibar Gem. Being highly drought-resistant, the Zanzibar can thrive with little care and also has a high aesthetic appeal. Originating from Africa, the Zanzibar Gem features lustrous green leaves and can do without water for long periods.

Install the Zanzibar Gem in a sheltered area, away from direct sunlight, and refrain from overwatering it; watering the plant once monthly will be sufficient.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria)

Another indoor plant that can prosper with minimal care is the mother-in-law’s tongue, commonly known as Snake Plant. The leaves of the snake plant have a tapered tip signifying the caustic tongue of the mother-in-law hence the sobriquet. The snake plant is incredibly tough and resilient, like the Zanzibar Gem, reaching a height of nearly 6.5ft or 2m.

Make sure you position the plant in a spot that receives direct sunlight for many hours throughout the day. Water the plant moderately during the summer and with less frequency in the winter season.

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