Spring Gardening in North America

Crocus flowers

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, now’s a great time to enjoy your own gardening space big or small. With the beautiful warm weather upon us, it’s a perfect idea to get out into your spring garden and find some peace and tranquility. Plan a garden project and enjoy the time away from the usual commitments that life brings.  With home isolation now a reality for many of us, it’s the perfect time to enjoy our spring gardens.


Small Gardens in Spring

Even with a small terrace space, by using your imagination and a few simple garden pots and implements, you can create a stunning and simple garden display to enjoy.   Whether it be an edible garden, or simply an arrangement of potted or flowering plants such as daffodils, violas, hyacinth or violets, your garden will spring into life and bring joy to your whole family.


Home Delivery of Garden Supplies

Many gardening supply stores now offer home delivery, making it even easer to obtain the necessary tools and supplies needed to bring your spring garden to life. On line shopping has never been easier or more appropriate, so why not make the most of it and spend some time researching some new garden equipment and tools.


Garden Maintenance

Whether it’s pruning a hedge, potting up some annuals, or sowing seeds, your spring garden will come alive with regular care and maintenance.   With everything reviving after the winter hibernation, you’ll notice the need to be outside in the sunshine more regularly. Why not use the extra time at home this spring time to brush up on some gardening maintenance skills that you’ve been putting off – there’s no time like the present!


Larger Spring Gardens

Those fortunate enough to have a larger garden will know it’s a much more time consuming task to maintain it, but with some forethought and planning you can get through those tasks over the beautiful spring days and get that Vitamin D intake that your body needs. Why not create a new section with some different plants or a completely different style? You could always mix up the foliage with screening, ornaments or sculptures, the options are limitless. There are so many amazingly creative landscaping ideas available these days, have fun with your garden!


Garden Furniture

With more time at home now, it could be a great time to create a space in your garden to fit in some garden furniture. Even a small space can accommodate a small bistro table and a chair. Why not add a comfy cushion or two? Those with a larger space could incorporate a larger seating area or even a hammock to enjoy afternoons at home with the family.


Whatever your situation, the spring weather is here to be enjoyed by everyone. Make the most of it.

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