How to Build an Insect Hotel

Insects rank very low on the animal kingdom hierarchy. Presently, almost innumerable species of insects are either highly endangered or staring at extinction. However, that nearly countless insects are facing extinction have attracted the attention of entomologists and environmentalists only of late.

Nowadays, many individuals are building insect hotels in their backyard for doing their bit towards protecting endangered insect species from disappearing for good. This guide gives you the lowdown on how to construct an insect hotel from scratch.

Essentials You’ll Need for Constructing an Insect Hotel

  • 2 Side Panels measuring 50 x 15 cm
  • 2 Partition Walls measuring 22.3 x 15cm
  • 1 Board measuring 50 x 15 x 1.8 cm
  • 2 Walls for Base and Top
  • 2 Roof Boards measuring 60 x 25 cm and 58 x 25cm
  • 1 piece of light wire netting with hexagonal mesh
  • Wooden screws measuring 45cm x 4mm (20 pieces)
  • Wooden screws measuring 30cm x 3mm diameter (20 pieces)
  • L-shaped small nails not less than 15 pieces
  • 1 back wall

Step 1

Position one of the side panels and rivet a board to it using a drill, while keeping it perpendicular to the panel.

Step 2

Next, attach a partition wall to the middle of the board, keeping it at a right angle with the wall.

Step 3

Now, affix the other side panel and also the base wall with the structure.

Step 4

In this step, rest the other partition wall on top of the middle panel. Thereafter, fasten the top wall with the side panel, and secure the partition wall in the middle using rivets. What you have right now is a rectangular structure with 4 distinct compartments.

Step 5

Now place the roof boards so that they’re perpendicular to one another. Next, attach the roof boards to the structure so that the section is positioned perfectly flat on one end and protrudes on the other by 10cm. The idea is to prevent the fillings inside the chambers from getting moist/wet.

Step 6

Subsequently, juxtapose the back wall with the setup, and use a pencil to mark the slope of the roof boards.

Step 7

At this point, attach the back wall thoroughly with the construction with the help of small tacks or nails.

Step 8

Use a weatherproof and eco-friendly paint to apply two coats on the external surface.

Step 9

Beautify the structure to your liking and fill the chamber with different materials.

Step 10

Snip the light wire netting and fasten it onto the insect hotel’s front with tiny nails.

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