The Five Easiest Veggies You Can Grow in Your Garden

Growing vegetables in your backyard or terrace gives you ready access to fresh and nutritious natural produce. More importantly, a home garden brings substantial cost savings while helping you eat sustainable, local food.

As a beginner, you’ll find some vegetables are easier to grow than others. In this post, we take a look at five vegetables that are not only easy to grow but guarantee a bountiful yield.

Leafy Greens and Salad Plants

Leafy greens and salad plants such as spinach and lettuce are not only healthy and nourishing but also remarkably easy to cultivate. Both lettuce and spinach thrive in climes where the temperature varies from 35°F to 75°F.

However, if you live in a tropical or temperate clime, you’ll have to plant these salad vegetables in shade. At the same time, you’ll need to water the soil regularly and top it with mulch or compost for keeping it cool.

The best time to plant the seedlings is during spring or fall as you get adequate time to grow fresh crops every couple of weeks. That way, you can stretch the harvesting period, ensuring a steady supply of salad for a longer time.

Beetroot, the Luscious and Colorful Superfood

Beetroot is another salad plant that novice gardeners and cultivators can grow easily. Touted as a superfood for its high nutritive value, beetroot finds its way into salads and its juicy extract is also popular. The ideal temperature for growing beetroot ranges from 59˚F to 68˚F.

Nevertheless, beetroots can be farmed in warm regions during the winter months. Sow the seedlings between March and July so they are ready for reaping from May through September.

For best results, plant the seedlings in moist soil, and as they develop, you can remove some of the saplings. Thinning the seedlings and maintaining a gap of 5cms will help promote healthy growth.

Bright Red and Succulent Tomatoes

Tomatoes are in high demand during the summer season. You can bet your homegrown tomatoes will taste much better than the varieties you buy from the supermarket.

And you’ll also like the fact that tomatoes are supremely simple to tend to.

Procure starter plants from a local nursery and place them indoors in hanging containers. Install trellises to provide support to the stalks. After 5 to 6 weeks, transplant them outdoors.

Embed the seedlings in well-drained soil early summer all the while ensuring the young plants receive sufficient sunlight.

Green Beans

There are two main varieties of green beans – ‘pole’ or ‘vine’ beans and ‘bush’ beans. If you want to keep things simple, go for the bush variety.

Although bush beans are easy to grow, bear in mind that they’ll need plenty of sunlight and water. You’ll also need to keep the soil well-drained and add adequate manure to keep them adequately nourished.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers not only taste great but also come in a range of shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, nurturing these plants becomes a breeze when you plant saplings instead of seeds.

Start by embedding the seedlings in plant pots kept indoors for the initial 4 to 6 weeks, and thereafter transplant them outdoors when its springtime.

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