Growing Strawberries in Grow Bags

growing strawberries

If you are looking at growing strawberries in grow bags, you probably have fond memories of eating fresh strawberries from your formative years. Nothing was more satisfying than plucking them and eating them straight from the plant. But things have changed over the years and strawberries are not easily accessible. Did you know you can grow strawberries in grow bags? Here is everything you need to know.

Preparing the Grow Bag

Most grow bags are made of plastic. They are lightweight and come with multiple sleeves for you to grow your favourite plants. You can use your preferred potting mix, but the ideal combination is coco or peat moss and vermiculite or perlite and compost. The potting mix is affordable and ha good drainage. Fill the grow bag with the mix and add organic fertilizer if necessary before planting strawberry seedlings, one in each sleeve.


There are a variety of strawberries on the market but we recommend Quinault, Chandler or Ozark beauty. Shove the tiny roots into the potting mix carefully to ensure they are fully covered. Compact the mix around the roots and add more mix if necessary to prevent runoff when you start watering your plants.

Water each of the plants individually before watering at the top. If you used a quality potting mix, the water would drain gradually through the drainage holes at the bottom of the grow bag.

Caring for Your Strawberries

In a couple of weeks, your plants will be established. It is advisable to introduce a liquid fertilizer to supplement the nutrients in the potting mix. The leaves of the plants will grow big after a few more weeks and strawberries will emerge gradually hanging on the sides.

Since the berries don’t touch the ground, they are resistant to snails, slug and insects. It is crucial to note that the strawberries grow well in spring and fall so you can plant them at the right time.

Many people try planting strawberries in closed containers, hanging baskets, and raised beds but  using grow bags is one of the most effective approaches. It helps you grow the berries vertically and save time, effort, money, and space. A quality grow bag with the right potting mix will make it easy for you to keep the plants healthy and the area clean and attractive.

The Ball Is In Your Court

If you love strawberries, you can grow them on a limited space using grow bags. If birds and flying insects could destroy your plants, consider buying protective netting. We hope you now have the information you need to grow your favorite strawberries.

Click here for tools to help growing strawberries.

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