Black Lace – A Flower That Offers Beauty and Berries

black lace flower

Black Lace – A Flower That Offers Beauty and Berries Good design not only makes the inside of your home more lovely, it can also take bloom in your garden. And, since plants cost a fraction of the price of new furniture, outdoor decorating can be a lot easier on the wallet. Here are some […]

The Hotter Side of Gardening


Most people picture the average gardener as some sweet septuagenarian working in her garden while speaking nicely to herself – or possibly her cat. And while gardening is a great hobby for anyone – it’s low impact, uses a variety of muscle groups, and it’s generally low stress. However, there’s another side to gardening as […]

Growing and Caring for Orchids

growing orchids

The better way to grow orchids is also simple when you know how. One of the best ways to get great orchid bulbs or just ready to use flowers is to get in touch with a grower in your community. They will likely have better prices and better information on these wonderful flowers than will […]

Flowering Perennials

flowering perennials

4 Benefits Of Planting Flowering Perennials Inside Raised Beds Some gardens and landscape areas just do not have the appropriate type of soil to grow beautiful flowering perennials. Because of this challenge that you may face in your desire to raise these lovely flowers, you may want to consider planting them in raised beds. What […]

Taking Care of Your Bulbs

taking care of bulbs

Taking Care of Your Bulbs In order to properly care and maintain the bulbs that you want to plant in your garden, you need to keep track of exactly what you have in stock. Many bulbs are extremely tolerant and can be kept well enough alone if accidentally ignored for several months. On the other […]

Watering Your Perennials

watering your perennials

Watering Your Perennials The way you do it can make a big difference to these exquisite plants! Proper watering is a crucial element of growing and maintaining perennials, or for any garden variety for that matter. But when is the best time to water them and how often should you do it? For the majority […]

Gardening in Southern California

gardening southern california

With hydroponic gardening, in Southern California, you can grow anything indoors or outdoors without using soil and with amazing results! Due to the low rainfall in Southern California, the soil can be far from ideal, depending on what type of plant you are trying to grow. The climate, soil conditions, and water conditions determine how […]

Gardening and Planting Resources

gardening resources

In September, with a little care, the flower garden can well be in it’s most satisfactory condition. Hopefully we should have limited our assertion to the first half of the month. After which time the work of disrobing begins. In preparation, it is recommended that many plants that don’t tolerate frost be taken up. They […]