Flowering Perennials

flowering perennials

4 Benefits Of Planting Flowering Perennials Inside Raised Beds

Some gardens and landscape areas just do not have the appropriate type of soil to grow beautiful flowering perennials. Because of this challenge that you may face in your desire to raise these lovely flowers, you may want to consider planting them in raised beds.

What is a raised bed?

A raised bed is simply a boxed area where you are growing your plants in soil that are a few inches above your ground soil (or higher). The planter box may be tightly sealed in a small wooden frame or you could have soil that slopes over the sides. There are different types of raised beds that you can choose depending on the look you want.

Using a raised bed to plant perennials is extremely beneficial when you want to have 100% control the soil you are using, and without the battle of removing the salts out of the ground soil. Going to the trouble of clearing up poor conditioned ground soil is typically frustrating and unsuccessful, and can be very time-consuming as well.

What are the advantages of planting flowering perennials in raised beds?

1. Raised beds offer a somewhat “directional” look to your garden. You can use these beds to form traffic patterns and walkways. Your garden design can look proportional with the setup of raised beds and it presents a clear walk-through path for people to avoid damaging your flowers. Using raised beds also creates a structured look and is very decorative, especially around the edges of driveways or other areas like patios and yard decks.

2. Planting your perennials and other flowers in raised beds can make it easy to garden if you or other members of your household are bound to a wheelchair. Raised beds can be built as high as you need them and what better way for the disabled gardener to enjoy their favorite hobby than by using raised beds to plant and grow their garden?

3. Raised beds also offer your perennials and other plants protection from damage and uprooting that often result from small pets and children running around. Even raised just a few inches off the ground, these beds can deter most damage from even the innocent person who is simply walking through your garden.

4. Last but not least, your perennials may enjoy a longer growing season as a benefit of being grown inside of a raised bed. If they are constructed from brick or stone, the soil stays warm longer than it would if it were in the ground.

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