ML TOOLS Easy Cut 30-inch Ratcheting Hand Lopper L8229

EFFECTIVE FLY CONTROL – This bug zapper features a 15-watt high-intensity ultraviolet bulb that attracts all pesky flying insects into the fly zapper. The high-voltage grids will immediately electrocute mosquitoes upon contact by physical way. No chemicals, radiation or odor any more.
EASY & CLEAN – Plug our insect killer in the 120-volt power outlet to create a pest-free zone by your own choice. Dead insects get collected at the tray of fly zapper at the bottom of the unit. Then their dead bodies can be effortlessly removed and cleaned.
DESIGNED FOR SAFETY – The user-friendly fire-resistant plastic shell of our bug zapper protects your family members from blocking fingers at the grid. Eco-friendly for your house and surroundings. Non-toxic, non-radiative, green and safe for human beings, especially for babies and pregnant women.