CERBIOR Garden Tool Set 5 Piece Heavy Duty Hand Tools with Garden Canvas Bag for Women/Men

💝BIG DEAL 5PIECES GARDEN TOOL SET: Each kit comes with 1 Pruning Shears, 1 Hand Trowel, 1 Transplanter, 1 set of comfy Garden Gloves, & 1 Tool Tote – to grow the healthiest garden possible
HIGH QUALITY BLADES & TINES: Pruning Shears is made of high quality Japanese SK5 stainless steel, which with hard chrome coating for exceptional cutting edge and long-lasting reliability; 5/8 in.
QUALITY BLADES & TINES: Sharp blade and tip are made of solid polished aluminum, which are shiny, rust-proof and extremely sturdy. we designed our garden tools with an ERGONOMIC GRIP to ease stress and tension in gardeners’ hands.